Jason Morris
My Upcoming Events
Jason Morris
My Upcoming Events
I don't do a ton of live events, but when I do, you want to be there!
Sit in with other industry professionals while we delve deeply into the foundational principles that lead to success in real estate.  The mechanics of persuasive conversation, marketing, lead capture systems, and leverage through systems and automation are just a few of the topics we cover in this live Q & A style format.  
Lead Gen 101
Want to learn the cutting edge tactics to fill your pipeline with motivated seller leads?  This is the place to be!  Learn to Generate, Nurture, and Convert in one action packed weekend!
Closers Workshop
Learn the secret workarounds to all the most frequent conversation stoppers.  Get smoothly past the initial brushoff, set appointments on your schedule, go for the close at your price and commissions.  This is a total mastery course.  The conversations are where the rubber meet the road!
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Learning Live Changes Things
If you want up close and personal Q & A in a group setting you don't want to miss these events.   It's such a different experience learning with a group of your peers.  

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The Auto-gen Blueprint

Learn the secrets of generating massive leverage through systematizing and automating your lead generation efforts without having to hire a techie. This class takes you through the basics and into advanced applications.  There's something for every level!

The CMA & Presentation Playbook

Get the inside scoop on frictionless closing.  Ever wonder how some agents always have great listings at even better prices?  This class will teach you the fundamental you need to set up and knock down  listing after listing without having to be pushy or haggle with the seller over price, condition, or commissions.  

Conversation Gateways, Keys, and Frameworks

The sales script is DEAD! Learn the formula for effortless persuasion without having to memorize cheezy scripts and comebacks.  Forget about hording one liners and snappy retorts.  If you get into that battle you've already lost.  Learn the secrets the experts know.  The easiest way to overcome an objection is to completely avoid it.  It doesn't need to be as hard as everyone makes it.  People WANT to buy from you.  That's why you're there.  Learn the tricks to make it easy for them.  

Hyper-Local: The Geography Of Massive Growth

Get more customers in less time without having to increase your ad spend.  What the big lead re-sellers don't want you to know is that gaining market share is NOT about getting more leads.  In fact, the top performers will consistently sell more with far fewer leads.  This class teaches you how to get in front of the RIGHT prospects to grow your customer base and squeeze the drive time out of your day. 
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You don't have to buy something from me to start taking advantage of the insights I've managed to accumulate over the years. I've published a TON of material that's FREE for anyone to listen to or watch.
 If you're unsure whether taking a course or joining the coaching program is right for you, spend some time with me in one of the many free resources I've made available to the public. I guarantee you'll learn something you can use to grow your business. 
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